Our Mission


Here at Moms Fed Up, we believe that the power of motherhood can create positive change in our society. Our mission is to support and empower moms to seek and hold political office, advocating for policies that enhance the lives of families across the nation. We are dedicated to implementing crucial initiatives such as paid family leave policies, affordable childcare, reproductive healthcare freedom, and promoting women’s representation in government.

At Moms Fed Up, we understand that moms are the backbone of our communities, and their experiences uniquely equip them to address the challenges faced by families every day. We know that raising children and managing family dynamics require effective communication and a deep sense of respect. We believe these qualities are vital in shaping policies that truly improve the lives of parents and children alike.

We Need Moms...

Demanding healthcare that covers the needs of families.

Leading the fight for paid family leave.

demanding quality, affordable child care.

advocating for maternal health care that protects mothers of all backgrounds.

to have a seat at the table for every conversation because every issue affects families.

Our organization recognizes the importance of a government that reflects the diversity and experiences of our nation. By supporting more moms in power, we strive to create a political landscape that understands and prioritizes the needs of families. We believe that moms bring a compassionate, nurturing, and solution-oriented approach to governance, tackling issues like paid family leave, affordable childcare, and reproductive healthcare freedom head-on.

Join us at Moms Fed Up as we work tirelessly to champion the policies that make a real difference in the lives of families. Together, we can create a brighter future by electing more moms to office and building a society where the voices of mothers are heard, valued, and translated into impactful legislation.

 After all, there’s a good reason for the age old saying, “mother knows best.”