You may know that women make up only 27% of Congress. But did you know that moms with young children make up less than 10% of Congress? That’s why we founded Moms Fed Up. Because we’re FED UP with watching decisions that impact our children and grandchildren be made without a fair representation of moms in the room.

Congress NEEDS more moms. Without them, we’re missing out on the voice of people who know, on a personal level, the importance of legislation that works for families.

We need moms demanding healthcare that covers the needs of families.
We need moms leading the fight for paid family leave.
We need moms demanding quality, affordable child care.
We need moms advocating for maternal health care that protects mothers of all backgrounds.
We need moms to have a seat at the table for every conversation because every issue affects families.

Our founder, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, a mother of 2 herself, wanted to create an organization that would secure moms the funding they need to successfully run for office. With your help, we can elect moms nationwide and enact the policies we deserve to keep American families secure, happy, and healthy.

Women were brutally hit by the pandemic. $800 billion in job loss. 64 million jobs lost. 15.5 million mothers with school-aged children lost childcare. The work we’ll do now is more important than ever before.

We’re on a mission to make this a country that amplifies the important voices of moms. After all, there’s a good reason for the age old saying, “mother knows best.”


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